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Certificates of Recognition

Thank you Dr Arnie Pitts and Dr Mark Handelin for your continued dedication and support to children in the Northern Nevada community. Thru the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program the Dr’s have helped many children who other wise would be unable to obtain dental care. What an accomplishment!!!


Mouthful of Science

Team Pitts has had the priveledge to educate many students over the last few months. Mouthful of Science has brought many students into our office for a time of learning and fun.  While at Pitts Orthodontics, students rotate through six science stations in the clinical laboratory, operatory and radiographic areas of the clinic.  In each area, Pitts Orthodontic staff and doctors provide interactive opportunities for the students to learn about science.  Each station is designed to meet WCSD educational standards for science. Meeting each student and working hands on with the students has been a very fun experience for our team. Our team has enjoyed meeting teachers and chaparones from many schools all who make this educational

oppurtunity come to life.

Pitts orthodontics is proud to be a Damon user.

Damon Braces is proud to announce our newest ambassador,
Damon patient Bethany Hamilton.

There are not many people who don’t know about Bethany and her amazing story after an unspeakable shark attack. Just a young teen in 2003 when attacked, Bethany has gone on to inspire millions due to her amazing determination and attitude. She shares her astonishing story in her bestselling autobiography Soul Surfer which in April 2011 was released as a major motion picture. Not only does Bethany continue to compete in the ASP World Professional Surfing Tour, but she tours the world to share her story of triumph and to prove that with faith and belief anything is possible.

After being treated with Damon Braces I couldn’t be happier. The results of having braces not only improved my smile, it boosted my confidence.

After the shark attack Bethany will tell you she struggled through many trials and tribulations which took a toll on her confidence and self esteem. When asked, Bethany will tell you that “after being treated with Damon Braces I couldn’t be happier. The results of having braces not only improved my smile, it boosted my confidence.” Now, with help from Damon System braces, Bethany is able to smile through adversity.

If you are interested in improving your smile and outlook on life, take a tour through our website and ask your orthodontist about Damon System braces. If you don’t have an orthodontist, that’s ok, check out our Damon Doctor Locator you will be able to find one in your area.

To find out more about Bethany visit her website at

Dr Tom Pitts teaches in spain

Dr Tom Pitts was recently in Spain teaching a group of orthodontist. Below is the email from Dr Paco Perdron

We are very honored that Tom Pitts had given a course in my office. It was great. The best orthodontists of Spain assisted and even an orthodontist came from Holland.

We learnt a lot with Tom “pata negra orthodontics” (translation “the best of the best in orthodontics”) and we realised that we have to continue learning a lot to reach his level. His teachings are always more than welcome to us.

All the participants have been sending mails of agreement for the quality of the course and Tom´s personality.

I will be always very grateful with Tom and all the members of the group.

Love to all,


Tooth brush decorating contest!

Test your design skills! Dr Arnie Pitts and Dr. Mark Handelin along with the staff want to see your creative side. Come by the office and pick up a tooth brush or use one of your own. Decorate the tooth brush or use it to sculpture or other work of art. We will display the designs in the office. Dr’s will pick the top two creative tooth brushes. Two winners will receive a season pass to wild water for 2011. Deadline is April 7, 2011!! Have fun!

Dr. Tom Pitts in Bangkok

Pitts orthodontics in Asia

Dr. Tom Pitts has traveled to Bangkok Thailand for the Damon seminar and Asian Damon sumitt, Dr. Tom is attending the event as a guest speaker. Yesterday Dr. Tom Pitts received a TV interview, will he be headline news today in Bangkok?