Monthly Archives: May 2012

Certificates of Recognition

Thank you Dr Arnie Pitts and Dr Mark Handelin for your continued dedication and support to children in the Northern Nevada community. Thru the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program the Dr’s have helped many children who other wise would be unable to obtain dental care. What an accomplishment!!!


Mouthful of Science

Team Pitts has had the priveledge to educate many students over the last few months. Mouthful of Science has brought many students into our office for a time of learning and fun.  While at Pitts Orthodontics, students rotate through six science stations in the clinical laboratory, operatory and radiographic areas of the clinic.  In each area, Pitts Orthodontic staff and doctors provide interactive opportunities for the students to learn about science.  Each station is designed to meet WCSD educational standards for science. Meeting each student and working hands on with the students has been a very fun experience for our team. Our team has enjoyed meeting teachers and chaparones from many schools all who make this educational

oppurtunity come to life.