Dr. Pitts Goes to Taiwan


The Group in Taiwan


This spring, Dr. Pitts delivered the keynote at the Damon Forum in Taiwan. He spoke about the famous “Pitts Smile,” the aesthetic gold standard for orthodontists, and the importance of meeting the American Board of Orthodontics’ standards. The quality of finishing for each case is evaluated using the Objective Grading System, created in 1993 by nine orthodontists.


Evaluating work under these standards can be quite a challenge. Dr. Pitts and his secrets to excellent finishing were featured in “News and Trends in Orthodontics.”


2 responses to “Dr. Pitts Goes to Taiwan

  1. Leesa Hargan (Gerdes)

    I was just looking at your web site, I don’t know if you remeber me, you did my braces and my daughter Amanda’s. My sister Lorrie worked for you and now you do my niece and nephew. They have appoinments next week. Maybe I’ll come visit. Hope you are well.

  2. Dear Dr. Pitts:

    Nice Blog. Thank you for sharing your experience in Taiwan with friends back home. I think we should get Dr. Chris one soon. By the way, you can find the latest NTO here http://www.orthobonescrew.com./node/494.
    Hope to see you at the next Damon Forum. Happy New Year!

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